Through the Athlete Career Portal, you have the opportunity to benefit from a free LinkedIn Learning subscription, usually worth USD 29.99 per month.

You will gain access to more than 16,000 online courses and online video tutorials to help you prepare for your next career.

Sign up to the Athlete Career Portal today to enjoy free access to LinkedIn Learning for 12 months.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is a platform that helps you discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos. And through the Athlete Career Portal you can gain access to their entire library for free, a subscription which usually costs USD 29.99 per month.

Simply by signing up to the portal, you can unlock a free subscription to more than 16,000 courses, available in seven languages, on subjects ranging from career transition and business basics to mental well-being and public speaking. Users can choose to add these courses and related skills to their personal LinkedIn profiles once they’ve completed them, set themselves goals, and get personalised recommendations based on the skills they’re interested in.

There are also more than 50 courses being added to the platform each week – all taught by engaging, industry-leading business and creative experts who have been through a rigorous vetting process.

All of the courses are available to download and complete on mobile devices using the LinkedIn app. This is handy for anyone travelling to or from competitions, and to narrow down the selection, there are custom-made Learning Pathways and Collections that cover particularly relevant topics for athletes and coaches.

Accessing the Athlete Career Portal

The Athlete Career Portal is an online platform that provides athlete-specific career advice and development. Through a range of expert-led courses and video tutorials, you can learn about self-development, writing the perfect CV, nailing job interviews, supporting your mental well-being, and mastering business, creative and tech skills. As a member of Athlete365, you can apply to use this service for free for 12 months here.

In addition to access to LinkedIn Learning, by signing up for the Athlete Career Portal you can also benefit from talent and career assessment, job boards, and tips on how to develop your personal brand.

Access to LinkedIn Learning is available through the Athlete Career Portal.