Athlete365 Career+ Employment is the next resource available to you, allowing you to prepare for, browse and apply for jobs around the world.

As a member of Athlete365, you can access it for free, and with a variety of job positions, there’s something for athletes at any stage in their career.

Take a look at Athlete365 Career+ Jobs today to get started, or go to the Athlete Career Portal for other international roles across all industries.

What is Athlete365 Career+ Employment?

Athlete365 Career+ Employment is a brand-new resource available to all Athlete365 members that provides access to training, learning, and job opportunities for athletes through our two online platforms:

Athlete365 Career+ Jobs

This athlete-focused jobs board covers a wide range of roles globally, from intern level through to managerial level positions within the sports industry, providing you as an athlete with the extra advantage.

The jobs themselves also vary greatly in detail. Whether you’re looking for a position helping to organise international sports competitions, create unique written content and social media posts, or support a local sports authority, there’s something for everyone (Available in English only).

Take a look at some of the positions available on Athlete365 Career+ Jobs here.

Make sure to check in regularly to see the latest roles added to the site.

How do I apply for roles?

Applying for positions on Athlete365 Career+ Jobs is straightforward. Simply browse the available positions, select the one you wish to apply for, fill out your applicant profile, add your CV and cover letter, and submit!

Your experience as a sportsperson will be taken into account as part of your application through Athlete365, meaning that potential employers will be aware of our sporting background. Make sure you’re eligible for a role before applying, though!

To further explore your options, prepare for the workplace, learn and connect with a broad network of employers, sign-up now for the Athlete Career Portal.

Athlete Career Portal

When preparing yourself for new opportunities, make sure you’re interview-ready and brushed up on your skills by exploring the free-to-use Athlete Career Portal. This useful tool offers Athlete365 members assessments to help guide the next steps of their career, online courses from General Assembly (GA) and LinkedIn Learning, and CV and interview advice, too.

The Athlete Career Portal also includes a job board, which offers a wide range of international job opportunities across all industries.

The Athlete Career Portal is available to all elite athletes over the age of 16, so sign-up today.

Take a look at the Athlete365 Career+ Jobs positions available now.