Open to all athletes, the first stage of the Athlete365 Business Accelerator offered an overview of the programme and expert advice on how to develop a business idea.

There were five regional/continental virtual bootcamps held in English, French and Spanish for athletes around the world who are excited to begin their entrepreneurial journey.

You can watch the bootcamps back for an introduction to the Athlete365 Business Accelerator, and then start the online course. Selected Olympians can receive one-on-one mentoring.

The Athlete365 Business Accelerator is a free-to-use, three-stage entrepreneurial journey that aims to provide you with the tools to turn your idea into a genuine business opportunity. The first stage – made up of five virtual, three-hour bootcamps – took place on 5 and 6 May 2021. The workshops are now incorporated into the first module of the course.

It was great to listen to other athlete entrepreneurs and how they started with nothing but an idea. Now they have a great organisation and do amazing work.

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The bootcamps were delivered to athletes around the world by a selection of industry experts and athlete entrepreneurs in three languages: English, French and Spanish. Participants were provided with an understanding of the basics in developing and refining a business model, creating a social impact, and establishing and strengthening a support network.

Led by business experts from the Yunus Sports Hub, who specialise in helping athletes to become successful entrepreneurs, each bootcamp featured a team of trainers and athlete entrepreneurs. Mexican triathlete Eligio Cervantes, New Zealand hockey star Shea McAleese and Malian basketball player Kady Kanoute Tounkara were among the athlete-entrepreneur speakers. The trio have recently launched their own companies with the support of the Business Accelerator and shared their insights into the benefits of the programme, revealing how it has changed their lives.

Starting with nothing but an idea

The interactive bootcamps placed an emphasis on creating a business that could have a positive impact on society. Participants were encouraged to consider what societal or environmental issues matter most to them, how this could inspire their ideas, and how their business could go on to help solve those problems.

Athlete-turned-entrepreneur Eligio praised the Business Accelerator for challenging his perception of what a business could be, and how the programme helped him to see that the cycling shop he opened in Tulancingo, Mexico, could drive positive social change within his community by pushing for safer rights for cyclists.

One participant said: “It was great to listen to other athlete entrepreneurs and how they started with nothing but an idea. Now they have a great organisation and do amazing work.”

The Business Accelerator online course is available! You can watch the virtual Bootcamp sessions and familiarise yourself with the programme by clicking below.