The offer is available to members of the Athlete365 Community thanks to our partnership with Intel

You can get free access to the entire library of LinkedIn Learning content, with expert-led, online Video Tutorials across 16,000 courses

Explore the most in-demand skills and advance your career today

How do you access ?
As an Olympian, elite athlete or entourage member of the Athlete365 community you can access through the Athlete365 single sign-on by clicking the ‘access offer’ button below and entering the same email you use to login to Athlete365. Once you have entered your email you will be prompted with the following message ‘Continue to the Athlete365 and Intel Corporation LinkedIn Learning account’ click continue and follow the onscreen instructions to access LinkedIn Learning.

If you do not currently have an Athlete365 account you can subscribe here and we will then activate access so you can receive the LinkedIn offer.

What is LinkedIn Learning?
LinkedIn Learning is a platform that helps you discover and develop business, technology-related and creative skills through expert-led course videos.

Through our programme with Intel, you gain access to the entire library of content. This features more than 16,000 courses, and includes topics that may be applicable to you, such as public speaking and branding. You can choose to add these courses and related skills to your personal LinkedIn profile once you’ve completed them, and get personalised recommendations based on the skills you’re interested in.

To further enhance your learning experience, many of the courses come equipped with exercise files and assessments, and transcripts for the videos. You can also provide feedback to courses, and view and download videos offline – handy if you’re travelling to or from a competition.