The Athlete365 Business Accelerator consists of a 10-hour online course on entrepreneurship, a workshop, and six months of mentoring from a business expert.

From bike safety in Mexico to saving lives in India, these 10 athletes completed the three-stage programme and are now establishing their businesses.

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Kadiatou Toure OLY: Establishing an events business that champions women in Mali

Former Malian basketball player Kadiatou wanted to create a business that could benefit her country and was seeking extra support on how to narrow down her ideas.

With the support of the Athlete365 Business Accelerator, Kadiatou launched an events business, KT Events, which she hopes will inspire other Malians, particularly Malian women, to “put themselves forward and achieve great things.”

Delve deeper into Kadiatou’s journey and hear how the Athlete365 Business Accelerator taught her the biggest lesson of all.

Aya Nakitanda OLY and Kady Kanoute Tounkara OLY: Supporting African athletes with a new foundation

After crossing paths while working for their respective NOC Athletes’ Commissions, Ugandan swimmer Aya and Malian basketball player Kady joined forces to establish a foundation that promotes a shared mutual goal of supporting African athletes and communities.

The pair have launched their foundation having benefitted from the experience of the Athlete365 Business Accelerator, which they say helped them to achieve “much more than we would have on our own.”

Hear more about Aya and Kady’s foundation and how the Athlete365 Business Accelerator helped them to launch their idea.

Eligio Cervantes OLY: Creating a thriving bicycle business in Mexico

For Eligio, the Athlete365 Business Accelerator took his already launched bike shop, KINEIN3T, to the next level, with the Mexican triathlete-turned-entrepreneur describing his business as now being in a “wonderful position”.

His mentors helped him through the COVID-19 pandemic when demand for bicycles surged, and he’s confident he now has the knowledge and support to ensure his business not only exists but thrives.

Hear from Eligio, as he reveals how his mentors challenged his understanding of what his business could go on to become.

Gagan Ullalmath OLY: Founding a life-saving swimming course in India

After reflecting on an unforgettable experience at London 2012, Indian swimmer Gagan began to worry about the absence of swimming talent and the number of people who lost their lives to drowning each year within India.

Key for Gagan was being encouraged to consider his moral responsibility, and the Athlete365 Business Accelerator inspired his creation of an accredited swimming coach training course that’s designed to benefit all.

Read more about Gagan’s swimming course that could save thousands of lives in India.

Jonathan Chipalo OLY: Fitness with a social difference in Zambia

Zambian sprinter Jonathan’s love of fitness resulted in the founding of his own mobile fitness company, Health and Fitness Sports Academy Zambia, which is rooted in making a positive social difference within his country.

His focus was initially on making fitness classes more accessible to children across Zambia, but the Athlete365 Business Accelerator has encouraged Jonathan to think bigger, and he’s now developing his programme to include elderly people.

Find out more about Jonathan’s fitness company and how the Athlete365 Business Accelerator gave his business the direction it needed.

Kareem Ennab OLY: Inspiring a new generation of Jordanian athletes

Achieving his dream of becoming an Olympic swimmer at London 2012 left Kareem with a desire to give back to his community. After working in a family business, he created his own swim academy in Jordan, which is making strides forward with the support of the Athlete365 Business Accelerator.

Before signing up for the programme, Kareem thought he knew how to do everything, but he said it’s really “opened my eyes to different ideas on how to run a business.”

Hear from Kareem, as he looks to the future with an academy that he hopes will inspire the next generation of Jordanian swimmers.

Randolph Lipscher OLY: Launching a ground-breaking medical business

Former hockey goalkeeper Randolph was working on a ground-breaking medical software business that aims to help people cope with chronic conditions when he discovered the Athlete365 Business Accelerator.

The programme proved a “critical” step forward and a “win-win” for his business, with access to new expertise driving Randolph to assemble a business plan.

Read more about Randolph’s revolutionary medical business and how the Athlete365 Business Accelerator took him closer to launch day.

Shea McAleese OLY: Sharing a passion for hockey beyond retirement

Hoping to remain in sport beyond his playing days, Shea established Inside Hockey, an online platform offering digital resources to hockey coaches and players of all ages and skill levels.

With his business in its infancy and wondering how he could take it to the next level, Shea came across the Athlete365 Business Accelerator. Without that support, he says he might “be another 18 months away from where I am now.”

Learn more about Shea’s journey and how he propelled his business forward with the help of a mentor.

Yi An Chen: Building a sustainable business in Taiwan

Inspired by her travels throughout a sporting career that took her to countries all over the world, former taekwondo athlete Yi An decided to create her own handmade soap business within her home country of Taiwan.

Eager to develop her own business skills, Yi An saw the Athlete365 Business Accelerator as the ideal programme to help her progress, with the support offered by mentors encouraging her to consider more sustainable options.

Read more about Yi An’s business and what she found most rewarding about the journey to establishing it.

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