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Once approved, you’ll receive the following to continue the benefits beyond your sporting career….

OLY post-nominal letters

Official Certificate of Recognition

You can then request your exclusive Olympian email address


Use the OLY post-nominal letters, to display your achievement of competing at the world’s greatest sporting event. These letters can be used at the end of your name on business cards, resumes, social media and anywhere else that you use your name. You will also receive your Certificate of Recognition and can request your exclusive Olympian email address.


OLY also gives you a connection to the thousands of Olympians working to improve lives worldwide. The WOA supports this network globally through various community-led projects which aim to improve the lives of Olympians and their local environments. OLY is a permanent reminder of your status in society, and honouring your work to promote the Olympic values in your everyday life.


Not only is this a great way to display the dedication and hard work that you put in to reach the Olympic Games, but it can also get you noticed in the business world as you make your way into a career away from the field of play.

We will verify you
We will verify you
Download your PDF Certificate
Download your PDF Certificate
Print it, frame it, share on social
Print it, frame it, share on social
Enjoy using OLY after your name
Enjoy using OLY after your name
Much like a doctor, a lawyer or a university professor, becoming an Olympian takes many years of hard work and requires a diverse range of skills.
Joël Bouzou OLY
WOA President
What is OLY?
What is OLY?

OLY is the PhD equivalent for sport and is post nominal letters that can be used on your social media, CV, business cards or anywhere you put your name. OLY gives you 24/7 public recognition of your years of hard work, dedication and promotion of the Olympic values.

How do I use OLY?

You can use OLY right at the end of your full name and anywhere you put your name. See the OLY User Guide for more details.

Who is eligible for OLY?

The use of OLY is offered to athletes who have competed in a Summer or Winter Olympic Games as determined by the IOC start list database.

How can I apply for OLY?

OLY can be applied for online. Once WOA has received your application and verified your OLY eligibility you will get an email telling you that your application was successful. This email will included your OLY certificate as a PDF.

Can I apply for OLY for another Olympian?

No. This is to ensure that the WOA Code of Conduct and WOA Terms and Conditions are understood and agreed to by the Olympian registering for OLY.

I have applied for OLY but I haven't received an answer. What do I do now?

Please allow two weeks for the WOA team to approve your application. Make sure to check your junk / spam folder.

How can I get an OLY pin?

OLY pins are awarded during OLY Presentations which are special events organised to reward Olympians and recognise them. OLY Presentations can be organised by NOAs, NOCs and / or IFs. For more information about OLY Presentations see the OLY Presentation Delivery Guide.


For any other questions, please contact your National Olympians Association, click the link below to visit the WOA site to find your NOA details. You can also contact the WOA team at info@thewoa.org.

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