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Which one are you?
Share aware?
Or rarely share?

Take the competition manipulation quiz to find out. What you share especially on social media may be misused to place a bet! Think twice before you share.

“We have a responsibility to be true to ourselves and be true to our sport.”

Hear more on competition manipulation from our Believe in Sport ambassadors.

Share? Don't Share?

Always be aware of what you share.

Never reveal insider information.
Compete? Don't Compete?

Always do your best.

Never lose on purpose.
Bet? Don't Bet?

Always be careful with betting.

Never bet on your own sport or the Olympic Games.
Report? Don't Report?

Always report suspicious behaviour.
Never feel pressure not to.

If you have reasons to suspect a case of competition manipulation or if you witness an approach to fix an event, it is your duty to report it.
Please click the link below and complete the International Olympic Committee reporting form.


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