IOC Integrity Hotline

If you witness or suspect competition manipulation at the Olympic Games, report via the IOC Integrity Hotline, it is 100% secured and confidential.

International Federation or National Olympic Committee 

If you witness or suspect competition manipulation at another sporting event, report via your IF or NOC. See our Prevention of Competition Manipulation International Federations Directory.

You can also use the IOC Integrity Hotline, for example, if your IF does not have its own reporting mechanism

See it. Record it. Report it.

Remember to include any evidence of the manipulation in your report (if you don’t have evidence it’s still important to report). Examples of this can be:

A photo

A screenshot of any messages

An audio or video recording


We will look at the report carefully and we reach out to you if needed in order to ask for further information and gather all evidence. We will include all appropriate parties in the follow-up of your report.


If sufficient evidence is gathered, the case is presented to a disciplinary commission that will take the decision and appropriately sanction (e.g. a sporting ban). In parallel there may be a criminal investigation which might lead to other sanctions of ordinary courts.

Sports integrity is the soul of every athlete, there are no compromises when it comes to integrity and doing what is right!
Ryan Nelsen
Olympian, New Zealand, Football
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