The Athletes’ Declaration was adopted by the Olympic Movement in October 2018 – watch its presentation and subsequent unanimous support here.

The Athletes’ Declaration has subsequently been expressly endorsed by different sporting bodies, please see below for examples of how this has been done.

Athletes’ Declaration Adopters

We thank everyone involved for their commitment to athletes’ rights.

Please let us know if your organisation is not listed and has taken extra steps to adopt the Athletes’ Declaration – we would love to include you here too.

Association of National Olympic Committees

Adopted at their General Assembly (November 2018): “ANOC unanimously approves, adopts and supports the Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration as presented by the IOC Athletes’ Commission Chairperson, Mrs Kirsty Coventry, and pledges to implement it.”

The Association of Summer Olympic International Federations

Endorsed by their General Council meeting (November 2018), as follows:
“……..Council endorsed the Athletes’ Declaration, which was adopted by the IOC Session in October and agreed that ASOIF will raise awareness about this important document covering anti-doping, integrity, governance and discrimination among its 33 member federations.”

Panam Sports Athlete Forum

The Athletes’ Declaration was fully supported by the participants at the Panam Sports Athlete Forum (October 2018) and included as one of the seven Forum recommendations:

Panam Sports Athlete Commission and the Americas’ Athlete Commissions should work with Panam Sports and their respective NOCs to encourage them to adopt the Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration at both the continental and national levels.

Olympic Council of Asia Athletes’ Forum

At the OCA Athletes’ Forum (November 2018) a Forum recommendation was to “…work with the OCA and Asian Athletes’ Commissions to adopt the Athletes’ Delegation regarding rights and responsibilities”.

Oceania National Olympic Committee Athletes’ Forum

There was a commitment to work with their NOCs to adopt the Athletes’ Declaration during their Forum in February 2019.

Olympic Summit

Participants agreed to implement the Athletes’ Declaration in their own organisations and to encourage all their stakeholders to do the same during the December 2018 summit.

“The Olympic Summit emphasised the significance of the Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration. The participants of the Olympic Summit agreed to implement it in their own organisations and to encourage all their stakeholders to do the same. The Olympic Summit highlighted that the participation of more than 4,200 athletes in the preparation of the Declaration was a milestone with regard to the legitimacy of athlete representation because of its universality and diversity.”

New Zealand Olympic Committee

One of the first NOCs to expressly endorse the Athletes’ Declaration (November 2018), thanks to the engagement of the Steering Committee Chair, Sarah Walker and the NZOC AC, the organisation is incorporating the Athletes’ Declaration’s intent into the organisation’s policies, processes and agreements. The AC has also recommended that athletes and NFs take proactive steps together in the spirit of the document.

Australian National Olympic Committee

The AOC AGM (May 2019), approved amendments to the AOC Constitution to recognise and expressly endorse the Athletes’ Declaration.

International Ski Federation

At the FIS Council (November 2018) the Athletes’ Declaration was enthusiastically adopted on behalf of its membership.

Hannah Kearney Co-chair of the FIS Athletes’ Commission – “I was honored to be part of the Athletes’ Declaration’s Steering Committee.  It was enlightening to work with such a diverse group of athletes from across the globe on a unique, and ground breaking project.  I was proud to represent the International Ski Federation and all snow sport athletes”.

International Surfing Association

Supported by the ISA AC in February 2019.

International Hockey Federation

The Athletes’ Declaration was implemented in contracts with players in the 11 nations participating in the FIH Pro League in January 2019.

World Archery

A reference to the Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration was included in the World Archery Constitution and Rules following the international federation’s Congress in June 2019.

World Rowing

FISA AC former chair, Lenka Dienstbach-Wech, presented the Athletes’ Declaration to the FISA Council Meeting (February 2019) and has placed it in the FISA Rule Book at a Bye-Law to Article 59. A working group will now study how it can be integrated into the FISA Statutes and Rules for the 2020 Extraordinary Congress.

International Federation of Sport Climbing

At the IFSC Plenary Assembly (March 2016), and upon the recommendation of the IFSC Athletes’ Commission, the Plenary Assembly formally adopted the Athletes’ Declaration.

International Federation of Luge

Chris Mazdzer, Athlete’s representative of the International Luge Federation (FIL), Member of the Executive Board of the FIL and Silver Medallist of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games:

“After the Athletes Rights and Responsibilities Declaration was adopted by the IOC Executive Session in the fall of 2018 it was important to me as an athlete that the FIL endorse this declaration. After talking with athletes at the end of the 2018-2019 season it made sense to present this to the Executive Board for endorsement. The FIL Executive Board and athlete commission have a great working relationship and it has been easy for the athlete commission to get important athlete initiatives approved. The Board unanimously voted to endorse this declaration and it passed at the June 2019 Executive Board Meeting.”

International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation

In January 2019, the IBSF Executive Committee adopted the historic athlete-driven initiative, the Athletes’ Declaration.

International Skating Union

During a council meeting in April 2021, the International Skating Union formally adopted the Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration.

International Golf Federation

During a December 2019 meeting, the IGF Board adopted this Declaration into the IGF Policies and Charters.