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As one of the last amateurs, James Crawford earned five A-caps for Scotland between 1931 and 1933. In addition he played 10 matches for the national amateur team and was selected for the Scottish League XI three times, scoring one goal. The last of his five Scottish A caps was in the 2-1 win over England at Hampden Park on 1 April 1933 in a match watched by a then word record crowd of 136.259. During his club career from 1922-37 he played solely for the Glasgow based Queen’s Park FC in 449 League and 60 Cup games, scoring 120 and 10 goals, respectively. Crawford was a speedy right winger which is reflected by the fact that he was joint holder of the Scottish record in the 110 yard dash. In the 1936 Olympic tournament he was fielded for both matches of the British team.

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النتائج الأولمبية
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